General Specifications:

Chemical formula: HCl

Physical properties: A clear, colorless, or pale-yellow solution with a very pungent odor.

Chemical properties: A highly corrosive and strong mineral acid that combines with metals and their hydroxides.

Uses: In many food processes, removal of scale and scaling of industrial facilities, washing and acid washing of metals, pH control and neutralization of compounds, household cleaning, as a solvent in chemical applications, reduction of ion exchange resins in desalination plants and reverse osmosis.

Warnings: Concentrations of vapors, mist, and droplets of this substance can cause severe irritation, burns, and blindness of the eyes. Contact with this substance can cause severe skin irritation, redness, blisters, pain, burns, and skin injuries. The vapors of this substance can cause severe nasal irritation, sore throat, obstruction, cough, and stiffness.

Packing type: 220-liter barrel and tanker and IBC tank

Purity percentage: 31% to 33%

IBC tank
220-liter barrel
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