General Specifications:

Chemical formula: NaOH

Physical properties: White solid

Chemical properties:A strong base water absorbent that absorbs water from its surroundings.

Uses: Petrochemical, drilling, aluminum, food, metals, plating, pharmaceutical, health, alcohol, detergent, paper, textile, as well as in many factories and industries. Used for washing production lines or degreasing.

Warnings: Sodium hydroxide solution is a corrosive compound that can destroy the body’s proteins and dissolve living tissues. This substance can cause permanent blindness if it comes in contact with the eyes. این ماده در صورت تماس به چشم، می­ تواند باعث کوری دائمی شود.

Packing type: 25 kg bags and 1-ton jumbo bag

Purity percentage: 99%

25 kg bags
1-ton jumbo bag
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